Visual Mindset

Nicolas Teichrob is a BC West Coast based artist who holds a MSc in Hydrology and whose unique eye has picked up dozens of awards internationally through his outdoor adventure photography and filmmaking. Teichrob’s projects seek to expand the collective awareness of environmental issues while encouraging outdoor recreation and exploration of our wild places. Visual highlights include the West Coast B.C. surf/SUP environmental film - STAND (2013), Jumbo Wild (2015), Canada Wild’s salmon projection installation in Vancouver, BC  - Uninterrupted (2017), and an art based ski film by Dendrite Studios called Numinous (2017) that has won Movie of the Year, Best Post Production, Best Cinematography, and Skier of the Year. Further projects include Spun Spectra, a photographic-sound series of illuminated prints and resonating cedar panels, and SoundGarden, an audio-visual annual installation utilizing projectors, holograms, and natural landscapes to expand our spatial scales of engagement. /  /